Build a Snowman

It’s been a tough New England March with a good bit of snow. As I scroll through my different social media feeds, I realize how much I miss snowmen in the front yard. Trust me, I don’t miss the puddles all over my kitchen floor, or the endless search for another pair of dry gloves, or even the constant drying of snow pants but, I miss the snowmen. The creativity of what they used for eyes, nose, and mouth. The teamwork of my two little builders. The hot chocolate with more marshmallows than you could count. The snuggling up on the sofa and watching a movie to warm up afterwards.

As you’re reading this, you might think – “Oh that’s so sad” or “She must be so depressed” but please don’t, I’m not. I’m not sad or depressed. Quite the contrary, I’m proud and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. My kids had great childhoods. They are creative, hard working, and have a good sense of family. Did it start with the first snowman? Maybe. Do I miss them being around and building snowmen? Yes. But, guess what, I know they’ll have snowmen of their own in their own yards. Snowmen that will melt away too.

Welcome Winter

Winter is considered a dead time.  Winter, a time when everything has died and the landscape is drab and dreary.  I never get that feeling about winter.  Winter is bright and beautiful.  The stark white snow blanketing the ground gives me a feeling of security.  The icicles hanging from every roof line amaze me with their glistening, gravity-defying adventure.

Living in New England most of my life, winter is something I look forward to.  Winter is indecisive and unpredictable.  One moment the sky can be bluer than a tropical ocean and the next it appears angry and dominant, ready to swallow the world.  The fickle finger of nature is an incredible sight to behold.  Instead of worrying about the ice and snow on the roads and the uncertainty of your timely arrival to work, take a moment to look around.  Breath it in.  It is deafeningly silent when it snows.  The trees bow down to Mother Nature’s fluffy tears.  The world as we know it stops.  Once the shock has worn off, the excitement begins.  The inner child excitement of a snow day is everywhere.  Children run as fast as they can through the snow, throwing it at each other, bounding to the pond to shovel off a spot to skate on.  Who cares if you are an adult?  Try it – throw a snowball, fall back and make a snow angel, put on a pair of skates.

How can you not love it? Here’s hoping for a white Christmas.

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